Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a listing of FAQs for you to browse here. If these FAQs do not answer your question, please don’t hesitate to Contact the Site Admin. Thank you!

Go to My Account, find your order, and select the correct suborder for the vendor you would like to message. *Main orders are split into sub-orders for each vendor, and this allows you and your vendors to communicate privately.

Please Contact the Site Admin and we will work to get a reply to your question.

First, please double-check the email address on the email you received matches the account you’re logged into at My Account->Account Settings. Sometimes we have seen people create an account during the checkout process using one email address, and then they “log in” using Google or Facebook which has a different email address than the one in the Bazaar account. If the email address associated with Google or Facebook is not already attached to an account on the Bazaar, then it creates a new account and you won’t see your old order.

Or, some orders that were placed before June 1st, 2019 are not displaying any longer due to a major site upgrade. However, we still have the record and can re-link it to your account if you Contact the Site Admin.

First, please contact the vendor by going to My Account, finding your order, and selecting the suborder for that vendor. Inside you will find the messaging box. If you have any issues whatsoever, please Contact the Site Admin for further assistance prior to taking any formal action. Please note: It is always your right to file a dispute or a claim directly with PayPal. However, we request that you give us a chance to make it right before doing so.

Normally, this happens when a customer clicks the button to checkout, then the PayPal payment pop up loads, and then they change their mind and cancel the payment. It will save your order as Pending Payment for a period of time and then cancel. If you’d like to place the order, you can just make the payment by clicking the “Pay” button in the My Account page.

If that is not your case, then through extensive testing we have found that these orders are often attempted to be placed inside the Facebook app’s in-app browser. FB has an issue communicating with PayPal’s API, and periodically fixes and reintroduces this problem in their code. If that’s the case, your order was not actually charged, and you can follow the same steps as above to pay for your order. Of course, you can verify with PayPal that there was no charge before doing it again.

Sometimes when we’re updating code for the site, it’s not worth taking the whole site down into maintenance mode. A common issue is that you might receive a duplicate email during this time. You can quickly check in your My Account page to verify that there was not a duplicated order. If there is more than one order showing, check the order statuses. If there is a button that says “Pay” or “Cancel” showing, then that is not a paid order.

You can order from as many vendors as you would like in a single transaction. The Hab Bazaar platform accepts your payment, and then splits your order into a sub-order for each of your vendors. It then credits each of your vendors with their net earnings from the sale.

The vendors run their businesses as they see fit, but the Bazaar Admin has oversight on site content, ensuring those business practices are legitimate, and ensuring that customers’ needs are met to the best of our ability.

The Hab Bazaar does not have access to your credit/debit card, or bank account information whatsoever. Your transaction takes place using PayPal’s payments processing, and funds are sent to the Hab Bazaar’s business PayPal account for distribution to the vendors.

Hell no. Your information is only stored to facilitate the transactions and delivery of your items. Read more in our straightforward Privacy Policy.

Hell no. Our site only uses cookies to keep you logged in for a certain period of time, and to keep the items you added into your cart still there. We don’t have any ad revenue systems on this site whatsoever, because we think that’s super lame.

Hell no. We do not do email re-marketing campaigns. You’re not automatically “opted in” to any newsletters or promotions, and we only email you if it is necessary for your order.