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The Online Hab Bazaar! 39

The Online Hab Bazaar! 40

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- Casual and Pro Sellers -

Easy to use for the casual seller and e-commerce wizard alike. Our Vendor Dashboard makes setup and management as quick and easy as possible. Import products and reviews from Etsy. No matter what, we include personalized setup and support until you are 100% happy.

- Kennel-Specific Hab -

Thinking about taking your kennel’s hab sales to the next level?  The OHB makes selling online convenient and easy, with your own store URL you can share.  No up-front costs or subscriptions like there are with most DIY solutions… and the visibility can’t be beat.

- Reselling Patches, etc. -

Selling lots of items in a short amount of time can take a lot of time and energy, especially pasting into spreadsheets from emails and messenger.  The OHB does all the hard parts for you, like organizing addresses and collecting payments, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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The Hab Bazaar is a Marketplace made up of vendors who have their own stores, with buyers who can purchase from all of them at once.

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