Patch Graphic Design by Shards of Blue


Custom patch graphic design, delivered digitally as high-quality PNG files ready to be handed to your patch printer of choice. No physical product is provided.

Detail Levels / Print Styles

I design my patches based on the detail levels available from various print styles.

  • Embroidered: Lowest detail. Traditional fabric patch. Usually a maximum of 8-9 colors. No color gradients.
  • Woven: Medium detail. Woven threads make an entirely fabric patch but with greater detail possible. Usually a maximum of 12 colors available. No color gradients. (My personal favorite style.)
  • Sublimation Printed: High detail. Printed fabric. No color maximum. Color gradients possible.

I cannot guarantee any specific vendor will provide any specific print style option, so please check with them before placing your order here if you have one in mind. I personally get my patches printed through and recommend Double Dipped Designs and base my result expectations off her products (please note: she is under no obligation to accept my designs without alterations).

Design Process

I’ll need to be able to communicate back and forth with you to complete your order, so please keep an eye on your Hab Bazaar messages.

  1. Order Placed: You, the client, will provide me with the theme of the patch (your Hashing name, event, etc.) and some ideas about what you want the design to be.
    • Use the form below to give me as much info as you can, don’t be shy on details.
    • Use the file upload feature to provide any and all reference images. You can send napkin sketches, examples of other patches / designs you like, photo reference (SFW only without prior communication), or anything else you think will be helpful to communicate your vision.
  2. Sketches: I will then provide one round of loose sketches. If your idea is very clear, I may only provide one sketch, which you can approve or request one round of changes to, or I may provide a small variety from which you can choose one for me to refine.
  3. In-Progress Draft: Next I will begin refining the design and provide you one in-progress image. This is when you can make any last minute small changes to the design.
  4. Final Design Delivery: I will incorporate any last-minute feedback and complete the patch design and provide you with a finalized file at the size agreed upon in Step 1, suitable for sending to your patch printer of choice. I will also send a version of the design including a small signature, suitable for sharing on social media should you wish to credit me when doing so, though you’re not required to.

I reserve 3-5 days from the morning of my receipt of the most recent client communication for each step of the design process, though some projects may move faster than that.

The finalized file will be a 300 dpi PNG file created at the patch size requested. If you’d also like to use the image for printing at a larger size, please let me know at the start of the project. (If you decide later you’d like a larger version, I need to rework the image from Step 3 and therefore charge an upscaling fee.)

Please see the Full Description tab below for disclaimers and cancelation information.

I look forward to working with you!

Intended Output Style (Detail Level) *

Size (Longest Dimension) *

Shape *

Hash Name *

Design Details *

Deadline (optional)

File uploads (optional)

If you have any files you wish to upload here. If you have more or forget, don’t worry. You can message them to me later from your My Account page.

Base Price:
Vendor: ShardsOfBlue
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Hi! I’m ShardsOfBlue all around the web – hashers can call me Saturday. I specialize in patch and tattoo designs featuring characters and animals.

I’m currently accepting commissions for patch design. Tattoo design commissions are coming soon!

On on! 🏃🏼‍♂️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

More Hab from ShardsOfBlue


Cancelation Policy

If I feel a patch design is out of my area of expertise, cannot be satisfactorily completed in the time allotted, or violates my personal sense of ethics for any reason, I reserve the right to cancel and fully refund the client prior to Step 3 in the design process outlined above.

If the client is unhappy with the results at any step of the process, they are free to cancel the project with the following terms:

  • After submitting the order in Step 1 but before sketches have been delivered in Step 2: 100% refund.
  • After sketch delivery from Step 2 but before the refining process of Step 3 has begun: 50% refund.
  • After the in-progress image from Step 3 has been delivered but before the final file delivery of Step 4: 25% refund.
  • After the final file is delivered no refund will be provided.

Excessive large design change requests outside the scope of the 4-step Design Process outlined above may result in additional fees or termination of the project with a 50% refund.

I cannot guarantee delivery if the client does not provide sufficient communication throughout the process. Two weeks of non-communication will be considered ghosting, and I reserve the right to terminate a project at any point after that with a refund of 50% of the order.

Usage Rights

Use of any in-progress design files for any reason other than communication with this vendor is not granted, unless the project is canceled.

The final design delivery file belongs entirely to the client and may be used accordingly.

Important Disclaimers

I will make every effort to create a design according to the detail level requested by the client. However, as I do not provide patch printing services, I make no guarantees regarding either print style availability or quality of the eventual print job, which is out of my control.

Print quality will be reduced if the design is printed at any size other than the size agreed upon in Step 1 of the design process. Due to workflow constraints, I charge a fee for up- or down-scaling after work on Step 3 has begun.

My time zone is Japan Standard Time (GMT +09:00) and I receive and process orders and client communications accordingly.


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