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Welcome IAH 2019 Hashers and Vendors!

Welcome to The Online Hab Bazaar! We are an H3 Buy & Sell Marketplace made up of different vendors, created by Hashers for Hashers. We’re excited to have partnered with IAH2019 to host pre-sales of Hab for the Hash Cruise! Please read the important information carefully as you browse the items below.

Important Info for 1-30 Sept IAH Hab Sales:
  • Only IAH available items are listed here, but the rest of the site has items that are not part of the event so please read the product titles and descriptions carefully.
  • IAH item names start with “IAH2019”, and end with the shipping or pickup options that the vendor has chosen. Example: IAH2019 – T-Shirt – PICKUP ONLY.
  • If your items can or must be picked up at the hash hotel or the ship, select the “Local Pickup” shipping option in checkout. Note: You can’t mix shipping and local pickup in one order with the same vendor, so place one pickup order and one shipping order.
  • Hash hotel pickup if applicable is between 1-5pm on Saturday. The onboard bazaar is Wednesday 9am-Noon.

Browse all items available from IAH vendors:

Keep this tab open to view only IAH2019 items. Please be careful about the shipping options when you checkout and pay.

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