VIRAL HASH TRAIL: The Ultimate Hash House Harriers Experience!


Crafted during the 2020 lockdown, this board game is a tribute to the iconic Hash House Harriers (H3). Roll the dice, face challenges, and immerse in the Hash spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned Hasher or a newcomer, gear up for an evening filled with laughter and camaraderie. Perfect for lively game nights or as a standout gift. Dive in and let the Hash fun begin!

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Vicenza Derelicts H3

HHHi! We are the Vicenza Derelicts Hash House Harriers! Derelicts! Derelicts! Derelicts! From the sacred wine country of Italy! We’re commonly confused for the Venezia/Venice H3 but we’re the closest kennel you will get to Venice. Whether you’ve hashed with us, plan to visit us, or just want to represent us on your everyday shenanigans, check out our store! Thanks & On-on!   

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🎲 Created Amidst Lockdown! During the unprecedented times of 2020, we bring you a game that celebrates the legendary Hash House Harriers (H3)! Dive into the rich traditions and practices of the Hash, and relive the fun, camaraderie, and spirit of Hashing right from your living room!

🍺 Beer, Laughter, and Challenges! While the game is infused with the essence of beer (the Hasher’s favorite!), feel free to swap it out with any beverage of your choice. Whether you’re sipping on a soda or toasting with a mocktail, the fun remains unparalleled!

📖 New to Hashing? No Worries! If the term “Hashing” has you scratching your head, we’ve got you covered. A quick peek into Wikipedia will get you up to speed with the Hash House Harriers. And once you’re in the know, the game becomes ten times more exciting!

🎯 Adaptable & Flexible Gameplay! Every group is unique, and so should be your game night! Modify or adapt the game rules to suit your group’s vibe and location. Remember, in the spirit of Hashing, there are no rules! But always, always play responsibly.

🔄 The Game Mechanics:

  1. Start with a circle, just like a real Hash. Introduce yourselves, appoint a Religious Advisor, and set the tone for the game.
  2. Roll the dice and move your game piece. Each tile has its own challenge or task. Will you be challenging a friend or taking on a task yourself?
  3. The ultimate goal? Reach the final tile! But beware, if your roll overshoots, you’ll need to move to the final tile directly. The first one there is crowned the winner of the Viral Hash Game!

🏆 Tiles & Challenges: From singing Hash songs to mimicking a Hash run, each tile is designed to give you a taste of the Hash experience. And remember, whether you win or lose, there’s always a drink waiting for you!

📢 A Must-Have for Every Game Night! Whether you’re a seasoned Hasher or new to the world of Hashing, the Viral Hash Game promises hours of laughter, challenges, and unforgettable memories. It’s not just a board game; it’s an experience. A drinking club with a board game twist!

Disclaimer: The creators of the Viral Hash Game are not responsible for any consequences arising from misuse. Always drink responsibly and adhere to the alcohol laws of your country.

🛍️ Grab Your Copy Now! Join the Hash fun and make every game night legendary with the Viral Hash Game. Perfect for gifting, parties, or just a casual evening with friends. Get yours today and let the Hash begin!


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